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Castle Creation 060-0063-00 1515 1Y SENSORED MOTOR 2200KV

Castle Creation 060-0063-00 1515 1Y SENSORED MOTOR 2200KV

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    For more than a decade Castle has been providing award winning brushless sensorless motors to R/C enthusiasts worldwide. In response to overwhelming requests by our customers, we have brought technological advancements together that will deliver unprecedented performance in our newSENSOREDmotor line.


    Drivers in all applications demand clean starts when coming off the line. Crawler fans require high-precision low speed control and torque for climbing, racers need precision and predictability, and dragsters don’t have a millisecond to spare. To achieve all of these performance demands and more, we have integrated rotor position sensor technology with our improved high power and high efficiency motor design. Through the use of our sensors, the position of the rotor is always known by the ESC. This eliminates the possibility of encountering cogging or inconsistency during startup. Users will experiencePRECISEthrottle control andBUTTERY SMOOTHstarts plus theRAW POWERandLONGER RUN TIMESthat our highly efficient motors produce.


    When tasked with designing a sensored motor our engineers started with the question,

    “What makes a motor great?”

    • Efficiency
      • You can push it harder (gear it up)
      • You can run it longer (with the same battery)
      • It stays cool under extreme loads
    • Reliability
      • Ability to withstand the harsh demands of any RC application
      • Long-life, high-quality components
      • Proven manufacturing techniques


    The higher the efficiency of a motor the more power it can produce without overheating, which allows you to safely run higher gear ratios. The higher the efficiency of a motor, the less power it takes to produce the same output power, which allows you to run longer on a single charge. The higher the efficiency of the motor, the less energy it turns into heat; keeping it cool under extreme loads. Efficiency equals performance.


    Without a robust and reliable design, efficiency will only go so far. RC enthusiasts love pushing their equipment to the edge. The Castle engineers know this and spared no expense when developing a design that could hold up to the harsh conditions that the RC community will throw at it. Oversized NMB bearings and vibration dampening system ensure the longest bearing life possible. High-strength, high-temperature grade neodymium sintered magnets combined with a high-strength Kevlar wrap ensures the integrity of the rotor is not compromised during harsh running conditions. Our proprietary winding techniques allow us to produce a stator assembly that is the lowest possible resistance, resulting in a cooler running motor. A cooler motor has a longer lifetime. Construction of our motor required careful component selection; each verified through internal testing to ensure thehighest efficiencypossible. In the end, the result is a motor with unmatched quality, performance, and reliability. We wouldn’t put our name on anything less.

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