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Castle Creations BEC 2.0 Voltage Regulator (20 Amp)

Castle Creations BEC 2.0 Voltage Regulator (20 Amp)

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    Product #: 010-0154-00

    From the trusted manufacturer of BECs comes the next generation of voltage regulators. Designed and assembled in the USA1, Castle Creations’ CC BEC 2.0 gives users higher voltage ranges in two unique packages. For pilots there is a smaller, lightweight (0.7 oz.) design capable of 14 amps peak, perfect for sport flying, helicopters, and UAVs. Racers, crawlers, and other splashers can now integrate a 15 amp peak power regulator in a waterproof (WP), CNC machined, aluminum case. Both versions handle up to an impressive 14S without brake enabled or 12S with brake.

    CC BEC Comparison Chart
    CC BEC 1.0 CC BEC Pro CC BEC 2.0 CC BEC 2.0 WP
    Part Number: 010-0004-00 010-0004-01 010-0154-00 010-0153-00
    Common applications: Crawlers, Racing, Sport Planes, Night Flyers Helis, 1/5th Scale Cars, Giant Scale Planes, UAS Helis, Planes, UAS, Racing Crawlers, Marine, Sea Planes, UAS, Industrial
    Waterproof: No No No Yes
    Peak current: 10A 20A 14A (dependent upon input and output voltage) 15A (dependent upon input and output voltage)
    Continuous current1: 2S-3S: 7A
    4S-6S: 5A
    2S-4S: 15A
    5S-6S: 13A
    7S-8S: 11A
    9S-10S: 9A
    11S-12S: 8A
    4.75-7.0V output: 9A
    7.25V-8.5V output: 8A
    8.75V-10.0V output: 7A
    10.25-12.0V output: 6A
    4.75- 6.0V output: 10A
    6.25-8.5V output: 9A
    8.75-10.0V output: 8A
    10.25-12.0V output: 7A
    Max volts: 6S (25.2V) Surface: 8S (33.6V)
    Air (w/Brake): 10S (42.0V)
    Air (No Brake): 12S (50.4V)
    Surface: 12S (50.4V)
    Air (W/Brake): 12S (50.4V)
    Air (No Brake): 14S (58.8V)
    Surface 12S (50.4V)
    Air (w/Brake): 12S (50.4V)
    Air (No Brake): 14S (58.8V)
    Adjustable output voltage2: 4.8 to 9V 4.9 to 12.5V 4.75 to 12V 4.75 to 12V
    Default setting: 5.1V 5.1V 5.25V 5.25V
    Length: 1.7" (43mm) 1.86" (47mm) 1.69" (43mm) 1.37" (35mm)
    Width: 0.57" (15mm) 1.30" (33mm) 0.56" (14mm) 0.69" (18mm)
    Height: 0.48" (12mm) 0.86" (22mm) 0.32" (8mm) 0.75" (19mm)
    Weight3: 0.53 oz. (15.2g) 1.4 oz. (40g) 0.7 oz. (21g) 1.0 oz. (28g)

    1. Ratings are determined with a 5mph airflow at 25° C (77° F). Ratings for CC BEC 2.0 are dependent on both input and output voltage as follows:

    CC BEC 2.0 (010-0154-00) Peak Current Rating Detail
    Output Voltage Setting
    LiPo Cells ≤5.25V 6V 7V 8V 9V & 10V 11V 12V
    8S-14S 14A 13A 12A 11A 10A 9A 8A
    6S 13A 13A 12A 11A 10A 9A 8A
    4S 13A 12A 11A 10A 10A 9A 8A
    3S 12A 12A 11A 10A 10A - -
    2S 11A 11A 10A - - - -

    2. Adjustable Output Voltage may be set with Castle Link (sold separately).

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