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Futaba R203GF S-FHSS 3-Channel 2.4GHz Receiver

Futaba R203GF S-FHSS 3-Channel 2.4GHz Receiver

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    The Futaba R203GF 3-Channel 2.4GHz S-FHSS Receiver is compatible with Futaba FHSS and S-FHSS transmitters. Futaba S-FHSS 2.4GHz receivers benefit from Futaba's patented Pre-Vision™ circuitry, which scans incoming data and corrects errors before they can become problems. They sync perfectly with Continuous Channel Shifting, handling hundreds of frequency changes per second with flawless precision. Plus, they all offer the Easy-Link™ advantage — the feature that allows the receiver to “learn” the transmitter module’s unique code with the push of a button and establish a unique, unbreakable bond between the two.

    Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology minimizes interference from other 2.4GHz systems. Easy Link prevents unwanted signal conflicts by using a special, pre-assigned ID code. High-voltage operation.

    NOTE: This receiver is NOT compatible with 2.4GHz FASST or FASSTest systems. It will work with FHSS and T-FHSS transmitters, but transmitter mode will need to be changed to from T-FHSS/FHSS to S-FHSS mode.

    S-FHSS/FHSS auto detection
    Compatible with Futaba S-FHSS/FHSS protocol
    Normal and high-speed mode:
    Normal mode has a frame rate output of 13.63ms and accepts any type of servos or peripherals
    High-speed mode, with an output of 6.8ms, accepts digital servos including the BLS series and most peripheral equipment such as brushless ESCs
    Dimensions: 26x39x10mm (1x1.5x0.4")
    Weight: 0.28oz (8g)
    Operating Voltage: 4.8 to 7.4V |
    Number of Ports: 4
    PWM Output: 3
    SBUS Ports: 0
    SBUS2 Ports: 0
    FASST: No
    Telemetry: no
    S-FHSS: Yes
    High Speed: Yes
    High Voltage: Yes
    Connector: J (STND)
    Range: Full Range

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