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JC CONCEPTS Fronts Smoothie 2 & 4WD Silver Compound Premounted on 3353W Wheels

JC CONCEPTS Fronts Smoothie 2 & 4WD Silver Compound Premounted on 3353W Wheels

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    Pin Swag 4wd Front, Pink Compound, pre-Mounted on 3353W Wheels, Fits 4wd Buggy Front

    Like the name suggests, the Pin Swag tire combines the outer lugs of a JConcepts Swagger front tire with the dense arrangement of specialty pins. Optimized as a 4wd front tire, the pins themselves are round and crisp to the top where they climax to a point. Near the sidewall, the Swag enters with a smooth transition and drops off to a ledge giving steering control.

    The Swag is split down the center to give a little individual control to contort to surfaces. In between, a stagger section with angular front is placed just behind a vertical rib to complete the design. The tight spacing of the Pin and Swag bite together and minimize wear across the carcass. An already low-profile and wide-body carcass rolls through the turns and transitions well at high and low speeds.

    A unique feature on the Pin Swag and many of the JConcepts carpet | turf racing tires, is the scalloped tire bead which removes a lot of weight from a normally beefy area. The tips of the bead touch off on the inner beads on the wheel which lead to a great alignment but with reduced rotating weight. During the gluing process, it is also handy to have some breathing room for the glue and the geometry gives many edges and ledges to adhere to. Offered in 2.2" bead mounting diameter to fit popular wheels, available in bright white and florescent yellow.

    Pre-mounted options are available, installed on 3353 Mono JConcepts wheels for versatility on the most popular 4wd buggy platforms.


    • JConcepts original design, details, and materials
    • Low profile, wide-body carcass layout
    • Pin and Swag combo pin / lug arrangement
    • Hefty base pin with crisp ends
    • Dense layout to help minimize wear
    • Ultra-light weight scalloped tire beads
    • Available pre-mounted on 3353 wheels
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