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JConcepts 4085-2211 Mini-B Fuzz Bite Pre-Mounted Front Tires (Yellow) (2) (Pink)

JConcepts 4085-2211 Mini-B Fuzz Bite Pre-Mounted Front Tires (Yellow) (2) (Pink)

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    Fuzz Bite Tires Overview:

    JConcepts Mini-B Fuzz Bite Pre-Mounted Front Tires. The Mini-B Fuzz Bite Pre-Mounted Front Tires from JConcepts represent a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of carpet and turf racing. With the racing scene becoming increasingly competitive and diverse, JConcepts has responded with a tire specifically engineered to excel on a variety of surfaces. The key feature of the Fuzz Bite tires lies in their unique pin design, which is strategically positioned in a reverse "water tower" shape. This design ensures optimal traction and precision handling by maximizing the contact patch while minimizing side-wall deflection and roll. The pins are arranged in a radius pattern, providing a dense nest of pins that effectively dig into the surface, whether it's office carpet or tight-knit CRC carpeting, offering exceptional grip and stability through corners and straights.

    Moreover, the Fuzz Bite tires boast a low-profile carcass layout, enhancing agility and responsiveness on the track. This low stance allows for quick transitions at high speeds, while the alternating rows of pins provide excellent side-bite and increased steering response. Additionally, the directional sidewall lugging ensures consistent cornering and mid-corner steering, giving racers the confidence to push their vehicles to the limit. The tires come pre-mounted on authentic 3424 wheels, ensuring hassle-free installation and immediate compatibility with Mini-B vehicles. With JConcepts' commitment to quality, design, and customer service, the Mini-B Fuzz Bite Pre-Mounted Front Tires stand out as a must-have for racers looking to gain a competitive edge and dominate the carpet and turf racing scene.


    • Pre-mounted and ready for racing
    • Available on bright white or fluorescent yellow wheels
    • Low profile carcass layout
    • Reverse “water tower” pin shape
    • Radius positioned pin arrangement
    • Directional sidewall lugging


    • (2) Mini-B Fuzz Bite Pre-Mounted Front Tires
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