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JCONCEPTS Tremor Slash narrow front wheel-BLK/RED BDLCK (2) JCO3390BR

JCONCEPTS Tremor Slash narrow front wheel-BLK/RED BDLCK (2) JCO3390BR

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    Tremor, Slash Narrow Front Wheel - Black Wheel / Red Beadlock - 2pc.

    JConcepts is proud to introduce the Tremor wheels for the 2.2 x 3.0" SCT wheel design. The Tremor is a 2-piece 12mm hex wheel assembly that allows different color combinations between the mock bead lock and the main wheel structure. Having the wheels all one powerful color or split matchups is now possible and allows the user even more color combinations than ever before. The Tremor has 2 widths, the front, which is narrow for the #3135 tire and the rear which is interchangeable and standard for many platforms and vehicles on the market including the Slash 2wd and 4x4.

    The interlocked lock of the 5-star pattern is highly sought-after by the 1:1 fanatics and the strength built inside is, of course, RC basher approved. The outer faux bead lock looks real and has a notch and cut-out pattern in the wheel. Engage the parts, ensure the bead lock is sitting completely into the recessed area on the wheel and add the 2 x 6mm hardware to secure the build.

    The wheels are produced in a durable material and a detailed molding practice to ensure quality and extended life. Tiny simulated bolts are located on the wheel near the center and also included around the outside of the bead area. A multitude of colors are available including all black and white and then combinations of white, black and red pieced to give a massive array of options.


    • 2.2 x 3.0" 12mm SCT based, 2-piece design
    • Two widths available, narrow front and standard SCT rear.
    • Durable, enhanced and versatile design
    • Included 2 x 6mm assembly hardware
    • Available in a multitude of colors
    • JConcepts Innovation and Design
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