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KYOSHO 32890 MINI-Z Racer MR-04EVO2 Chassis Set (W-MM/8500KV)

KYOSHO 32890 MINI-Z Racer MR-04EVO2 Chassis Set (W-MM/8500KV)

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    While retaining elements of the excellent MR-03 layout, the new MR-04EVO2 chassis achieves significant performance improvements with changes to the front suspension and a lower C of G that work in synergy with a sensored brushless motor. Both narrow and wide tread settings are available by changing the lower and upper plates on the front as well as the steering tie rod. Adjustable wheelbase allows chassis setting according to body type.

    While camber angle is optimized during cornering with the swing of the current upper arm design, the front suspension uses the new kingpin-integrated knuckle to further improve camber stability. Geometric revision of caster and trail etc. delivers more linear maneuverability. New spec front springs for the MR-04 with different hardness are available as options.

    Front knuckle design features integrated kingpin with optimized clearance with the kingpin ball for smoother operation. Ball bearings have been changed to 3mm internal diameter for lower rotational resistance.

    All 7 ball bearings are 3mm internal diameter for lower rotational resistance to minimize friction loss.

    Lower mounting of the AAA batteries on the chassis produces a lower center of gravity compared to the MR-03. In combination with the chassis shape, this improves stability through corners as well as enhancing speed and control.

    Ball differential included as standard optimizes the rotational differences between left and right rear wheels when turning. Also provides moderate slip action to improve traction when excessive load is applied. Silver clear anodized finish to aluminum parts creates a formidable style to match performance.

    The new unit also supports high-speed communication with various high-end transmitters and receivers to realize unprecedented control response. Achieves transmission speeds of 0.99ms with KO units (ADV mode) and 0.9ms with Futaba units (EVO2 mode). *Previously 2.6ms ~ 3.0ms*

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