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Ofna Ultra GTP 2e (electric) STAINLESS STEEL Screws

Ofna Ultra GTP 2e (electric) STAINLESS STEEL Screws

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    RCScrewZ Stainless Screw Kits are 100% complete. Your new kit will include everything needed to do a full conversion and more. Stainless Steel Screw Kits are far superior to the screws that come stock with your RC. Our kits are made with the best stainless steel money can buy. No more bent, rusted, or corroded screws. Never worry anout stripped heads again. You will not find a better screw kit for your RC at any price and we Guarantee it. This item ships worldwide. Thank you

    All RCScrewZ Kits include:

    • All socket screws + Extras
    • Button Screws + Extras
    • Flat Head Screws + Extras
    • Set Screws + Extras
    • Nuts + Extras
    • Washers + Extras
    • Bondhus Short Arm hex Wrenches All Sizes
    • Quality Reusable plastic pit case.
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