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SERPENT Conversion set rear 977 V2 (SER903657)

SERPENT Conversion set rear 977 V2 (SER903657)

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    903657 Upgrade set Viper 977 rear end

    Serpent is introducing for the Viper 977 and EVO an upgrade set for the rear end of the car.

    The new upgrade set moves the lower inner rear pivot pins closer together. With the application of longer pivotballs the lower suspension arms are made longer. This package creates more traction overall, so higher corner speeds are possible, and a more stabile rear end under braking.

    The set includes ;
    Main bearingblocks, rearplate, suspension bracket and shockmounts in 7075 T6 aluminium, grey coated, superlight
    Longer steel pivotballs
    Carbon fibre camber bracket
    Longer camberrods with balljoints and balls
    PDF instructions

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