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Team Brood TLR 22 5.0 Carbon Fiber Slipper Pads

Team Brood TLR 22 5.0 Carbon Fiber Slipper Pads

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    Team Brood AE B6 Carbon Fiber Slipper Pads are a great tuning option for any model that uses TLR232080 slipper pads. These pads are super light, hard hitting and more temperature resistant than standard slipper pads. They are great for spec classes and no prep drag racing, and are also a good option for mod classes as a tuning aid for high traction tracks.

    Ensure pads are clean of oil and greases prior to installation. It is recommended that you clean the pads with contact/motor cleaner and wipe off any residue. Ideally, these should only be handled with gloves on to prevent contamination - otherwise, only touch the edges of the pads.

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