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TRINITY Drag Master 3.5T Holeshot Brushless Motor

TRINITY Drag Master 3.5T Holeshot Brushless Motor

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    Drag Master 3.5T Holeshot Brushless Motor

    Designed for all out power and speed needed for Extreme - Drag Racing, Pan Cars & Touring Cars

    Standard Race SPEC Features:

    Aluminum based sensor board for true sensor alignment
    Infinite Timing Adjustment
    2mm Copper Tabs
    Thicker Pure Copper Solder Tabs and Collector
    Thermal Stator Coating for the best heat dissipation possible
    Turbine style vented nose
    More Vents for More Cooling
    220C wire coating
    Certified Gauge High Temperature Wire
    Short Stack Stator Design
    Stator Material
    Grade 5 Ball Bearings
    Uses all D3.5, D4 and 24K Rotors
    9100Kv this number is approximate set as Zero Degrees of Timing. Sensored Brushless Motors are not rated in Kv's due to the fact that timing and voltage can effect the Kv number.

    * MAX Voltage 11.1v 3 Cell Lipo Battery

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